How counselling can help you

Do I need help now?

We all experience times in our lives when things begin to feel unmanageable and we feel as if we are struggling to cope. Perhaps feelings of sadness, hopelessness, anger or fear are overwhelming you? Or perhaps your thoughts and feelings are making it difficult for you to function in your job or in your relationships? Or maybe it’s less clear and you are finding it difficult to make the changes you want to make in your life? If these or similar thoughts and feelings feel familiar then it will help to talk to a professional.

Why can’t I just talk to my friends or family?

Often we try talking about how we feel to friends or family but this is not always appropriate, or helpful. You can begin to feel as if you do not understand how you feel, or why you feel the way you do. Talking to a trained, experienced professional who is impartial and skilled in psychodynamic counselling will help you to work through your difficulties and find your own solutions.

How is talking going to help me?

Counselling and therapy are often referred to as the “talking cure.” Sometimes people find it hard to imagine how talking with someone can alleviate suffering, yet time and again they find it does. It is important to feel free to speak your mind without fear of being judged, where you feel you can trust that what you have to say will be received with respect, thought about carefully and responded to with empathy. This in itself is a profoundly healing experience.

So how will it benefit me?

Counselling is a therapeutic partnership in which I will help you to explore your feelings, thoughts and behaviours in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental way. This process is not about giving you advice but about providing you with the space and support you need to find your own answers. Realising this will enable you to feel that you have the inner resources you need to have greater control over your life and to live in a more satisfying and positive way.